City Groups

We highly value getting together to pray, encourage one another, and strategize to give ourselves away into our specific communities and cities together (we try to PEG it).

If you would like to know what we emphasize with our city groups and city group leaders, please read the following PDF: city-groups-and-city-leaders-pdf.pdf

church planting in orlando fl

More than 66 million people visited Orlando in 2016. Disney employs over 70,000 locals. UCF is the 2nd largest university in the nation with nearly 60,000 students. The Orlando metro is home to 2.1 million people and the Central Florida region is comprised of almost 4 million people. Over 200,000 local residents work in the hospitality industry. Only 14% of Florida's population is connected to a local church. 

When we reach local people with the gospel of Jesus Christ and help them grow as disciples of Jesus, we have the opportunity to reach the world from right here at home.  You can help to support that effort by giving to church planting through

Collaboration for Gospel Saturation and Church Multiplicaton exists - to be a catalyst for collaboration among local churches that share a passion for togetherness and sentness for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus and the reproduction of leaders who live sent daily in hopes that new expressions of the church will blossom.  Read more ...