There are over 307 unengaged unreached people groups with a known population of over 100,000 people.  An unreached people group is an ethnolinguistic group with a common shared identity where less than 2% of the people is evangelical Christian. A people group is considered to be unengaged when there is no evangelical church planting strategy to reach them. Of the 370 unengaged unreached people groups, about 106 of them have people living in freedom in the USA.  Our strategy is to start churches among all of the unengaged and underengaged people groups in the USA and them to penetrate their own people group overseas with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Beginning in Central Florida and moving to the uttermost parts of the world, we want every person to have opportunity to respond to the good news of Christ. We want person to have the opportunity to become disciples of Jesus Christ in community with other disciples in local churches. We want each person to be able to worship God in their own language in their own neighborhood. We estimate that we need 1,825 new multiplying churches in Florida and 5 million new multiplying churches world-wide.