Discovering Your Shared Core Values March 7, 2019

According to research conducted by Taylor Protocols, all humans share at least four core values and four catalytic values to varying degrees. While we may hold to hundreds of other values, we can each identity two pairs of values that really motivate us and drive our behavior. The Core Values Index is a scientifically valid tool that can be used to help individuals identify their core values, help teams to see where their values are clustered and where they lack input, as well as help organizations to identify their corporate core values. 

At our next network gathering, we will discuss how to use the CVI with your launch team, core group, and congregation to identify and refine your church's core values. Each person attending will also be able to take the Free Core Values Index and gain valuable information about the core values of their local community. 

Our next Orlando City Group gathering will take place 10 am to 12 noon on Thursday, March 7th at First Baptist Church of Orlando: 3000 S John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32805.  We will be in Faith Hall Room 353. Enter through the cafe and take the elevator up to the third floor. 

We meet monthly to Pray for one another, Encourage one another and Give ourselves away. 

faith hall map first baptist orlando